An Easy Score

The debut novel by Gary Yambor

Now Available

The old adage says that some things are just too good to be true, but what professional car thief worth his salt could pass up a score as easy as the one Bobby has just come across?

   An Easy Score opens with Bobby, a small time car thief from the south side of Chicago who sets off a chain reaction of violence and mayhem one November morning when he lifts a plain, unassuming Honda Accord from a city street.  Little does Bobby know that some very powerful and violent people have a strong interest in the very same car.  Soon the people closest to Bobby are in danger as a powerful gang leader goes in search of his property.

Along the way, we meet a whole cast of characters, including Pete, Bobby’s brother and business partner.  Though only a few years older, his attitude about life seems to come from another era, from back in his father’s time.  He says what’s on his mind, even if it’s the wrong thing to say and the wrong time to say it.  Celine, Bobby’s new girlfriend, a beautiful girl with a very colorful past.  There’s more to her than she lets on.  Celine’s dream for a better life causes Bobby to take risks he normally wouldn’t take. But who wouldn’t for a girl like her?  Mondo, a badass and an up and comer in the neighborhood.   He takes his directionless younger cousin under his wing only to leave them both fighting for their lives.  Manny, a kid struggling to find a future on the mean streets of Chicago.  Hen pecked by his mother, he dreams of fame, fortune and getting her to lay-off of him once in a while.  Diaz, a gang leader with personnel problems.  In his spare time he enjoys reading the classics on motivation and management along with biographies on the likes of Jack Welsh and Lee Iacocca.  Diaz’ major goals are to control the most powerful gang on the streets and to write a best-selling business tome.   Maria, a nice girl who likes bad boys.  Shy and timid, but cross her and she just might make you pay in ways you never could imagine.  We also meet a bumbling strip club owner, a gang enforcer who revels in sadistic ways to cause pain and an assorted band of thieves, gangbangers, pimps and cops.